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FORE-MATT Home Computing
PO Box 835
Wootton Bassett

Email address
sales @ forematt

Web addresses for all platforms dropshipping service for Amiga retro classics and second user titles

Office phone
+44 (0)7792 416254

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Who Are We?

FORE-MATT Home Computing is a Mail Order Software Retailer specialising in Amiga software. We started in January 1996 as an Amiga PD library (which we still do!) and have grown to be the largest Amiga Software stockist in the UK. Our Amiga products boast an extensive range of New and Used Commercial Software on Disk and CD for the Amiga and CD32 with a sprinkling of peripherals including magazine back issues.

VFPD: On 1 February 2000 FORE-MATT Home Computing bought the Virus Free PD library. Virus Free PD is now a wholly owned subsiduary of FORE-MATT Home Computing.

FMHC is a member of BRAINIAC (BRitish And Irish Network of Independant Amiga Companies).

We can accept orders using Visa, Mastercard, UK cheque/postal order & International Money Order

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