Amiga OS 3.9

AOS3.9Price: £30

Just when you thought the classic Amiga was finished the next upgrade for your system comes along. Support the Amiga and upgrade your system now. Your system can now look as good or even better than the screenshot below!

· · · HINTS

AmigaOS 3.9 needs similar hardware like OS 3.5.

AmigaOS 3.9 is a Software-only Update w/o ROMs. (However it needs Kickstart 3.1 ROMs to operate!)

AmigaOS 3.9 is the Update for OS 3.5 - but it can also be installed directly on top of an OS 3.1 system.



QuickTime Player

WarpOS 5.0 Prefs
  · · · OS 3.9 FUNCTIONS

Multimedia programs (MP3 player, AVI & QT player, new CD player)
Web browser AWEB 3.4 SE (new version)
GENESIS (full Internet and network access)
AmiDOCK (new program start bar)
WarpOS 5.0 (new version)
IomegaTools (for Zip and Jaz)
new powerful Shell (with extensive prefs)
automatic datatype recognition
integrated unpacker (lha, lzx, dms, zip...)
fast search (search for and in files)
new picture datatype (PPC-optimized)
many new Tools (ASLPrefs, new Info requester, new watch, font cache, new color wheel, etc.)
extensive HTML documentation

This temporary list shows an extract of the new features. A more detailed list will be made public soon.


AmigaOS 3.9 comes in a nice CD-ROM box with a bi-lingual booklet (in English and German). The extensive document in HTML and PDF format is on the CD.

Price: £30

Available: NOW!

In order to upgrade your Amiga system to OS 3.9, it must be equipped with the following hardware:
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Hard drive
  • 68020 or higher processor
  • Amiga 3.1 ROMs (version 40.xx)
  • 6 MB Fast RAM

For better performance, Amiga Inc. recommends:

  • 68030 or higher processor
  • 8 MB Fast RAM
  • Graphics accelerator and/or scandoubler
  • Modem

To take full advantage of OS 3.9 we also recommend you add the following:

  • 68060 processor with PowerPC accelerator card
  • 16-bit sound card
  • 32 MB Fast RAM
  • I/O Accelerator
 OS 3.9 box  


This information is still temporary. All information might change without notice!

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